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Summer Walker is the ultimate R&B songstress of the season.

Her song “Girls Need Love” launched her to new heights and into my recognition field. She captured our hearts through her silky vocals, blatantly honest lyrics and now her unrivalled 90’s style.

Sis is 23 years old, hence she only spent 4 years in the 90’s, yet she slays every look with ease.

Scroll through and see why she’s the ultimate 90’s baby.

Sorry Ms. Jackson

We almost confused this for Janet Jackson in her Poetic Justice prime (without the braids).

Paired with a black oversized jacket worn off the shoulders (Major Fashionista points).


Check Shirt (or Corduroy or Gingham) over muted toned pants.

All you need is the pair of Timberlands, tiny framed glases and you’ve nailed the Aaliyah look.

I Scream for Ice-Cream

Nothing says the 90’s like a high neck sleeveless ribbed vest.

This one gets extra points for the ice-cream logo and quote.

Foxy Cleopatra

Summer is serving sweet baby girl vibes in this silk and feathered baby pink ensemble.

The confidence oozing out of this picture is exactly why we love Summer. #lookgoodfeelgood

Love and BasketBall

Standard 90’s outfit, a basic tee and baggy jeans, 100%  If this wasn’t/isn’t every black female at the salon sitting and waiting irritatedly for the hairstyle (you were once excited about) to come to an end.

Heart shaped hoop earrings were the perfect finish to Summer’s Jersey girl from the 90’s look.

By: Joan K. Vincent-Otionocelebrity style


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