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I just can’t get enough of Denim (aka Jeans).

I previously served you the STYLE TIP: HOW TO DO DENIM DIFFERENT article, do you recall?

If not, click the link above to see how your fave celebrities styled their denim trousers, bralettes, dresses and more…

Denim is the second most popular item of clothing in the world so there’s no surprise that numerous “How to Wear Denim” guidelines have riddled the internet.

This week’s Fashion Fix episode urged us to

‘Wear Jeans To Any Occassion With These Style Tips’

 and my ACCELERATE Denim Divas have responded!

Scroll to see how these ladies rocked denim to work in their own unique way.

Comment below which look is your fave and which you’d love to try out.

I paired my jeans with a puff sleeved blue & white striped blouse.

“I chose the blouse because stripes will never run out of style. The pattern is eternally chic and slims your frame up intensely.

The puffy sleeves elevates the ripped denim jeans and makes the look a bit more formal.

Straight away anyone who sights me knows that I mean business.


Esse (Senior Producer)

Esse opted for a denim shirt dress worn over leggings

Why did you pick this outfit to work today?

“I’m such a denim girl so every time I shop, it’s a denim skirt, top, or pants I’d most likely buy over anything else.

I chose this look because like most girls, we all have days when we feel bloated or just ‘not in the mood’. This denim shirt is a few sizes bigger- it hides the belly and it covers my bottom so I can get away with leggings when wearing them.”

If not the office, where & how else will you rock this denim?

“Definitely tie up the dress in the front and make it a crop top then wear with bum shorts and my favourite pair of kicks’

Style tip: You can get away with wearing leggings to work as long as you don a big top over them. It tones the sex appeal down and makes it less raunchy.



Chidims is used to always being on the move so she craved something comfy.

She chose black denim trousers (as that’s her second favourite colour) with a classic black t-shirt and completed the outfit with a winning smile.

Why did you pick this outfit to work today?

“To be honest…I haven’t done laundry in ages and I couldn’t be bothered with the hunt for something to wear so I stuck with my trusty black shirt and jeans.”

Out of four days in a 5-day work week, you can catch me in denim.

These ones are super comfortable and were an online purchase from a store called Jeans Dare.

(Plus size girls can begin to rejoice because JD sizes start from 6 up until 24)

If not the office, where & how else will you rock this denim?

Swap the black shirt for a coloured top, to brighten up your look and an A-line fit to cover the belly when you’re having that romantic date.

Style Tip: For thick girls whose thighs keep tearing shorts and leggings, stick to denim


(Production/Website intern)

 Mastering the ‘Booked and Busy’ look, Lads went for a pop of colour over her jeans with a chiffon button up blouse.

 “I chose the top because its yellow and that’s my favourite colour. After a two day hiatus I wanted to return to the office looking refreshed, confident and ready to take on all my tasks. That’s how this denim look makes me feel”

If not the office, where & how else will you rock this denim?

I’d swap the button up top for a crop top when having brunch with my girls.

Style Tip: Tucked In Tops over Jeans makes you look and feel more official. Also a high waisted pair of jeans helps you hold in that tummy.


(Website Curator)

Dams chose a black chiffon top to pair with her dark blue striped denim. She styled her look with pearl stud earrings, pearl encrusted cat eye glasses and brown Roman sandals.

“These were the first two items I saw once reached into my wardrobe…I got these jeans as a gift and they are the best thing that ever happened to me thanks to the comfort I get from wearing them.”

If not the office, where & how else will you rock this denim?

I’d swap the black top for a white top. A swift and simple change that will make a huge difference.

Style Tip: Comfort Over Everything


(Editing Associate)

The Vintage Vixen paired her light wash denim jeans with a printed vintage blouse.

 “I bought this top from Ajah Market…actually my sister did the honours. It’s her shirt that I’m never returning.”

“I chose this vintage top with a light blue pair of trousers. Jeans make me move freely.”

If not the office, where & how else will you rock this denim?

Shorter sleeves are worn by me when i’m not in the office.

Style Tip: Wear Jeans to the movies to keep you warm.

By: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono

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