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5 outfits that are perfect for festive work week

Work doesn’t have to be boring… I’m just being honest.

Even if you cannot stand your job, dressing up and looking cute always makes things better.

It is a fact ‘THAT’ low morale is at an all time high in offices during the festive period.

Your fashion fairy godmother is back so read on to see how to inject excitement into your work wardrobe.
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To make dressing for the occasion a little easier, we’ve narrowed it down to five unique looks that work for every figure, shape and size.

1. A pop of colour can go a long way

Don’t shy away from colour…

 Is it permissible in banks and certain offices … NO, but you may be able to get away with a hint of colour via accessories and footwear.

 Top- @harvellastyles

Skirt – @debrasgrace

Shoes – @fusion_trendz

2. If a pop is not enough, go with the full thing.

For those in job roles that allow colour go wild but keep the outfit classy.

Top- @ilare.official

Bag – @shopkisara

 3. Monochromatic fits are slimming 

Top- @greyvelvetstores

Earrings – @shopraya

I cannot even stress this enough…

 Plus size girls this tip would ensure you’re looking snatched and feeling confident in the work environment.

Dress: @adeysoile

4. Not keen on dresses? Tailoring is a chic option 

Suit Set – @wanasambo

Earrings – @fusion_trendz

A suit or tailored separates are an ideal option for work.

Come through looking decent, chic and smart

Depending on the trouser shape, you can wear flats or heels (cropped trousers look best with flats while flares look BOMB with a pair of heels).

5. Don’t be afraid of being dramatic

I‘m not suggesting you go overboard with glitter, sequins or lace but the festive period offers an opportunity to be a little more daring and make a statement.

Top- @ilare.official

Bag – @shopkisara

This can be in the form of print (pair a patterned silk blouse with matching high waist trousers as above).

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