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Accelerate’s Style WCW: Lisa Folawiyo

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Written by Temilade Adeyinka

Style WCW is a weekly segment where we celebrate strong, fashionable women, who have no problem expressing their individuality. Each week we look at women who make statements with their clothes, accessories and shoes- serving us constant inspirational lewks. Our crushes go far beyond simply what they’re wearing and dive deeper into how they style these pieces. Although it might seem like trends and fashion go hand in hand, these handful of women rebel against the “rules” and twirl to the beat of their own stilettos

Any style introduction given for Lisa Folawiyo does not seem to do her justice. It’s hard to pin her down as “one thing” and perhaps that is what is so difficult. Her style depends on one thing- how she feels.

Lisa Folawiyo does not confine herself to any “typical” look, and she uses her flexibility to her advantage. Whether it’s bold colors or clashing prints, she manages to tie it in with the secret ingredient- Lisa.

Her witty Instagram captions give a little insight to her fun and bubbly personality, which is the best accessory for any outfit. Lisa shows us that you can create, break and bend the rules according to who you are.

Lisa Folawiyo is our Woman Crush Wednesday because she inspires us to have fun with our clothes and express our own individuality however way we choose!

We’re just going to jump right to it- Lisa Folawiyo is THE style matriarch that needs absolutely no introduction.

Look up photos in the slides above…

Credit: all photos have been taken from lisa folawiyo’s Instagram. Instagram: @lisafolawiyo

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