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Since we’re all about the jeans today we thought we’d talk about a major wardrobe essential- plain blue jeans. Denim has become the go-to casual outfit. But even that becomes tedious at some point. You run out of ways to wear those plain blue jeans. Well, we are here to help. Here are a couple of stylish ways to rock those plain blue jeans:


denim outfit1

  • To spice up the relaxed look, pair those blue denim and shirt with a pair of closed toe shoes. This will totally be awesome for those workplaces that allow jeans. Classy and simple.
  • For a more rugged look, a pair of combat look will give you an edge. This could be good for a cold day out or our famous rainy season.
  • A blue pair of denims can be complimented with a button up shirt, and a shoe colour that pops (green, orange, red, anything but blue).

denim outfit4

  • Trainers can go with anything, and that pair of blue jeans is not excluded. For a stroll out or just a nice Saturday brunch, you can go for this look.
  • Check this out denim, varsity jacket (or any jacket) and a pair of ankle boots. With this look, you would want to flaunt those boots, so you can go for a pair of jeans that do not cover the shoe completely.
  • For a biker look (even though you don’t ride) because they are cool, pair your blue denim with any colour of shirt and a leather jacket. Cool right? This could go well with sneakers or wedge boots (whichever kind of girl you are).
  • When in doubt, don’t forget you can always complement those blue jeans trousers with denim shirt, any shoes and a solid bag to match. That is always the go-to for simple elegance.

denim outfit5

There are so many ways to style denim and this is just the tip of the iceberg. If you have any style choice inspiration you can reach out to us share those secrets (you just have to). We can never have enough style inspiration.


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Written by Nkem Ikeh 

Images: gurl.com, stylepantry.com, pinterest.com, glamour.com, shop.nordstrom.com

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