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There’s always one overarching trend everyone has to try and the latest glam look we are figuring out how to wear is body jewelry.




The body chain is an eccentric form of jewellery, whose origin can be traced to Indian classical and belly dancers, who wore chains of different designs around their belly. Body chains made a return in 2009 as the ultimate out-of-the-box statement jewelry option and the trend is alive and kicking to this day.

Top celebrities like Rihanna and Beyoncé, along with their enviable figures, have us considering adding a body chain to our must-have list every time they step out in one.

Here are the best ways to wear the torso bling bling without looking like you’re miserably stuck in some self-imposed tangled web:


bpdy con


  1. Crop Top: It does not look like the crop top trend is going anywhere, so why not let the ultimate accessory travel beneath your crop top or lay on top of it for a dose of feminine vibes. Just a peak of midriff with a bit of body chain sparkle will do. A little goes a long way.



2. Skin-Tight Dress: Add an extra visual element at the bust and let the chain fall elegantly on the curves accentuated by the skin-tight dress.

back dress


3. Backless Dress: A back body chain is such a statement in itself that a simple backless dress complements the look flawlessly. The dress certainly highlights the elements of the chain and creates even more added drama to the look.



4. Strong Shoulders: For the statement lovers, there are also those massive body chains that actually look like skimpy jewelry tops or armour over your shoulders. It is the bling top to wear over any simple top.



5. The Bikini Combo: The body chain and bikini combo is perhaps the most common way to wear a body chain. There is something about this pairing that is both edgy and subtle but definitely sexy.



6. Blazer: Perfectly show off your statement body chain with a low cut blazer for a look that is effortlessly fashion-forward.



Written by Obiajunwa Ugochi

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