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By Damilola Faustino

Suge Knight may not be able to attend his mother’s funeral. Maxine Chatman, 77, passed away on Sunday (June 17), but the former Death Row Records CEO was denied the opportunity to temporarily leave prison to attend the funeral services.

suge knight

According to reports, Knight’s status as a homicide suspect makes him automatically ineligible to attend funerals, although the possibility to file a petition with the court exists.

Knight’s son, Suge Jacob Knight, offered some insight into the situation on Instagram.

He said: “This is not factual, we are just having a hard time getting to the bail bonds agency (ABBA) she doesn’t answer the phone. Even though the Knight family is going through a tough time, we are not going to giving up and justice will be served. Even if it’s the Justice system being unfair and immoral to an American citizen. We will still beat it! Suge Knight is not the monster anymore, America is.”

Knight is currently awaiting trial for murder following the hit-and-run death of Terry Carter in January 2015.

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