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Have you noticed that free floating eyeliner is the summer 2020 make up trend going viral

(IG: Dajj Rambo)

If you don’t believe me, scroll through to see your favourite Instagram baddies take on the look.

I’ve been preaching to everyone that eye liner doesn’t have to live on your lash line.
If , you run out of eyeshadow don’t despair , your eyeliner can be a wonderful alternative to the hue you crave on your eyelids.

Summer is all about breaking the rules and trying out new things so why not do so with your makeup.

Take a page from Instagram make up influencer, Loje’s  free floating eyeliner look.

How do you achieve the free eyeliner look

After you finish applying your eyeshadow, take a pencil eyeliner and draw a line across your lid.

Alternatively, you can also make the line into a shape, like the top of a cloud, or the tops of angel wings, seen on the model above.

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By: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono

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