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By Eromosele Patrick Eidusi

Summer is here and basically that means it’s time for some Holiday destinations. It’s of utmost importance that you consider what to wear. This basically means clothes that are very comfortable for people to be having long haul flights in. Never forget that summer comes with heat, sweat, and moist. Clothes like head-warmers, thick sweaters, winter boots and the likes would probably the least to be considered in this season.

For summer you need to feel very comfortable, leaving your body entreated to a lot of fresh air and an atmosphere for it to breathe.

Here are the rules to go by:

Dark Colours are a win, just in case you spill some tea or juice on you, it won’t appear visible. And note: comfort is key; in whatever combo, you need to be comfy in it.

Try reducing the amount of accessories worn, because you may need to remove them at the checkpoints before boarding the plane and this may be very stressful.

Take a scarf, blazer or jacket along with you, as this would come handy when the atmosphere drops while enroute your destination.

Keeping it simple by all means necessary would be a plus for you.  Remember you’re not on a red carpet or at a fashion show, also the flight might be quite longer than usual, or there might be impromptu delays, you need to be at ease. Lastly the goal is to be stylish yet comfortable.

See Photos of great outfit ideas you will find very fashionable and comfortable in the slides above.

Photo Credit: Pinterest


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