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By Daniel Ugbang

University students are often confronted by a need to learn life skills like changing a tire, sewing a button, or basic cooking. It is only right that you set your goals ahead of the summer and follow these goals through; be it interning with a company, learning a particular instrument or joining a dance class it should all boil down to what interests you and that which would add value to your life as you would appreciate yourself much more in the coming session knowing you can do stuff you couldn’t before the summer.

Here are a few ways you can add value to yourself before the end of summer:


       Learn a skill in your field: Depending on what department you belong to in the University, it is only cool to find a soft skill in that field and learn it, take for example you are a student from the Mass Communication department it would be good to fix yourself with a radio or television station and learn how to write and edit written contents e.g. articles and news stories. Ensure to seat close to the experienced editors and make yourself a humble mentee. In the process of this, you would be enriching you well of vocabularies alongside. You can also take an online course, I am mainly talking about something fun like a Massive Open Online Course or an online course on LinkedIn.

     Build yourself to multitask: One of the most common things you hear about multitasking is that if you do too many things at once, you will not get them done very well. But not many of us have a choice in the matter, In fact we have no choice but to multitask in order to get anything done. But while in this process, keep a handheld organizer or a pocket journal to keep track of what you need to complete and try to weed out the unnecessary things using a to do list to prioritize.

Take Advantage of Useful Tools: If you are taking a language class, try Duolingo, as you can get ahead and learn for free. This app can help you learn Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, or Italian using simple exercises to help you spell and pronounce each word. You can set how long you want to learn each day, making it easy to manage your time in the process.

     Freelance Platforms: Whether you need a job but cannot find enough hours in the day or looking for any other way to pay the bills so your holiday does not seem lame, there a tons of jobs as a freelancer that gives you the freedom without commuting to work each day. In addition to countless projects you can find, being a Freelancer allows you to compete with other freelancers in contents to prove your skills. This is a great way to showcase your abilities and expertise and build your resume.

     Try Some New Recipes Out: When you are desperately in need of something to do this summer, go on to Pinterest and look up new recipes to try. This is a good one for private University students who with the knowledge I gathered being an Alumni of one, are not allowed to cook. There are so many recipes to try in the summer time and Pinterest is a great place to look for any recipe ideas that you may have. Pinterest has become really sophisticated in how they show recipes and sometimes you can even filter for time and other variables now.

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