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Ok guys, this one’s for you. Because I think it’s important that we have this talk about the ladies. We need to talk about arguments with them. Look, we all know women don’t win all arguments, right? It’s not possible that they’re always right. We love them, but they’re not mythical creatures off a popular fictional piece of literature. So why is this a thing? Why is it implied that we should never argue with a woman because she will get her way no matter what? I’ve been thinking maybe most men just don’t know the art like most women.

Maybe when most women know they’re right, what they do is stay on topic and make sure you do too until you apologise, but when they know they are wrong, they don’t stay on topic. They probably bring up something they know will get to you, so you lose your cool. Like say you have an iffy relationship with the kids or you don’t have a good job or you have a small– oh, look! A beautiful bird! A lady will bring that in when the argument is about how they forgot to buy the milk that day and you self, the man, will now be looking round for bird. It’s conceivable that most women know what exactly will get to their man, push the right buttons so he does something nasty, and now he has to apologise for it. Trumps the original issue, so she won’t be apologizing for that anymore. That’s possibly what most do. It’s not quantum physics.

What I’m suggesting here is, when you know you’re right and she’s wrong, just make your point. If she starts trying to get off course, you keep quiet and let her. You’ve won. She’s going to apologise if you just keep your cool. It’s that simple. Get it? Good. As usual, I’m interested in thoughts about this from both sexes. Please don’t be mean, ladies. Thanks.

Written by Olutobi Odunubi