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A Nigerian surgeon, Dr Lawal Haruna has removed a patient’s ovary instead of the appendix during a botched operation according to reports.

The incident which occurred in March 2015 in the United Kingdom was one of a series of failed operations carried out by Haruna over two years which were so poorly done.

doctor Lawal Haruna

An expert report which indicted him read in part: “Dr Haruna was mistaken in his identification of the appendix and removed the ovary and tube in error. This is a serious omission and a breach of duty of care. To have mistaken a fat pad for the appendix and to have failed to deal adequately with the pathology suggests a standard of care which is seriously below that expected of a reasonably competent Staff Grade in General Surgery.”

Responding to the charges against him at a recent hearing in Manchester, the surgeon, who represented himself, said that he had been suffering from “poor vision” at the time and stressed that it would be ‘harsh’ to bar him.

He further stated: “I want to apologise to all the patients. I didn’t experience operative difficulties, in removing whatever I removed. Everything had gone along fine and it was not difficult to remove. It was only later I realised it was not the appropriate part. The operation itself, the technicality, was fine but the wrong specimen was removed. I have performed hundreds of appendectomies. This was due to the lapse of judgement.”

Consequently, Haruna, 59, who has 25 years experience, was barred from practising due to the fatal mistake.

Written By Damilola Faustino

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