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Most of us find sweating icky and would rather live out our lives in air conditioning, but sweating is a lot more beneficial than you’d think. We might douse ourselves in antiperspirant to avoid the dreaded armpit stains, but are they really so bad? Sweating is a completely natural body process and has a very important purpose.


Below are the health benefits of sweating that won’t have you turning up the air conditioner next time.

  1. It Cools Down Your Body

When we sweat, our body is trying to cool us down naturally. When the skin gets damp and sweat evaporates, heat from our body leaves along with it. However, for this to happen, you need to be in a humid place with enough moisture in the atmosphere to cause you to sweat. This is why people who live in hot, humid places are better equipped to withstand the heat than people who live in dry areas.

  1. It Can Keep Your Skin Clear

If you’re suffering from acne, your treatment plan might almost exclusively include medicated creams and antibiotics. However, the often-ignored step to treating acne is by sweating it out. When we sweat, dirt and grime in our pores finds a way to escape. Without sweat, they would block our pores, giving rise to acne. So if you want to get rid of your acne faster, make sure you’re exercising as well to sweat it out.

  1. It Helps Our Body Detox

When we sweat, a mixture of salt, excess cholesterol and even alcohol leaves the body. That’s right. Sweating it out could help you beat a hangover. Sweating can also help you feel less bloated after a meal and clear out clogged arteries, keeping us healthy from the inside. Make sure you keep yourself hydrated though if you sweat a lot as the salt and water leaving your body can put you at risk for dehydration if you’re not careful.

  1. Keeps Kidney Stones Away

Sweating can indirectly keep the threat of developing kidney stones at bay. When you sweat, your body sends you signals saying it’s thirsty to make up for the lost fluids. This compels you to drink more water and then rush to the restroom to eliminate it. By prompting you to drink more and more water, sweating lowers your risk for developing kidney stones.

  1. Gets Rid Of Harmful Pollutants

BPA (bisphenol A) and DEHP (diethyl phthalate) are one of the most harmful pollutants in our environment. When they enter our body, they can disrupt our system, cause our cells to mutate and give rise to cancer. Sweating actually flushes these pollutants out of our body before they can harm us. Sweating frequently makes sure that your body is safe and pollutant-free.

  1. It Acts As Antibiotics

The sweat actually has powerful antibacterial compounds which can sanitize the area. The next time you get a cut, it might not be the worst thing if you accidentally sweat on it. Sweat can kill harmful germs because of a compound called dermcidin present in it.



Written By Ugochi Obiajunwa

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