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T.I., who was being sued by a man who had allegedly had gotten beaten while on the premises of T.I.’s recording studio in 2010, saw a lawsuit officially tossed out by Georgia Court of Appeals Chief Judge Stephen Dillard. Judge Dillard issued an opinion granting T.I. summary of judgment in the case.


The lawsuit was filed by a man named Norris Gresham, Jr., who was an engineer employed at T.I.’s Echo Studios at the time of the alleged assault.

In Gresham’s lawsuit, which was previously dismissed in Georgia’s trial court in 2013, he alleged that he was beaten and held hostage by another employee for 12 hours while tenants of the studio were searching for a missing diamond chain that belonged to Killer Mike. Gresham said several other people associated with T.I. and his Grand Hustle imprint joined in on the attack, including Killer Mike himself. Gresham said the chain was eventually found in the ceiling of the studio.

For his opinion, which is a legal explanation for why a certain ruling is upheld, Judge Dillard made it clear he agreed with the trial court’s finding that there was no case against T.I.

T.I.’s lawyers argued that T.I. had nothing to do with the assault, and so naturally, they were happy with the outcome of this court ruling.

“Tip and I were very pleased,” his lawyer, Albert Chapar Jr., said in a statement to Law.com. “These may have raised the temperature of the case, but those kinds of allegations proved to be utterly insupportable. Tip was not present and knew nothing about the assault as it was happening.”

By Damilola Faustino

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