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T-Pain has revealed that his brother died in February. He evidently felt he had to defend himself after a random person suggested his brother would still be alive if T-Pain gave the hospital more money.

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According to reports, he already paid the hospital where his brother was receiving care over $2 million in medical bills. The Grammy Award-winning artist wasn’t exactly pleased by the person’s suggestion and responded accordingly.

“My brother just died February 5, bro,” he says. “And this man just told me I let my brother die because of the hospital bill after I paid $2.2. million to the hospital. And he told me if I wouldn’t have paid more money then my brother would still be alive. Money doesn’t fix everything. You’re putting too much power in money. Why would you think that’s possible? Nigga doesn’t even know how my brother died.

“I paid $2.2 million. He got out of the hospital and was living his life. He had just got back to Walgreen’s, was walking on his walker at my mama’s house, he slipped up, his leg gave out and he hit his head on the fucking kitchen counter, and his brain started bleeding, and he went brain-dead, and then he died. How can money fix that? If money could fix that, all my family members would be alive.”

By Damilola Faustino

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