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The #KeepTheChangeBae was an exciting trend that everyone jumped on. It was a refreshing and welcome break from #BBNaija and Dino Melaye certificate saga.

ibadan bae challenge (2)

As the #KeepTheChangeBae trend fizzle out, here are 6 takeaways from the whole episode which started from an innocent and condescending tweet on Thursday. Since then it has in trending.

A date doesn’t guarantee a relationship

Pablo Ayodeji, the villain in the #KeepTheChangeBae movie had a very wrong perception of a date. He thought that since @MissMoshiku agreed to go out with him, it guarantees him a relationship. No, this has shown it doesn’t. So, before you invite a girl for a date, make sure she is interested in you so that both of you won’t be wasting your time. If a girl is not interested, she cannot hide it. If you still decide to take her out, she won’t say no. She will gladly go with. But this won’t stop her from rejecting your relationship proposal.

Rejection is not the end of the world

It is very difficult to handle rejection. Despite this, she is just one person. There are other girls who will gladly accept you 100%. If a particular girl says no. Move on and don’t brood or suck on it. Rejection is part of life. Pablo couldn’t handle the rejection.

Think before you tweet

Since he couldn’t handle the rejection. He went to vent on twitter. He just tweeted without thinking about the consequences of his tweet and he got a legendary reply from @MissMoshiku.


Take advantage of opportunities

@MissMoshiku saw the opportunity and grabbed it with both hands! She sent the money back to Pablo and tweeted the alert sent to her. That was all she needed to do and it exploded to #KeepTheChangeBae. Brands took advantage of the trend offering her their services for free and advertising at the same time. We can safely say now that she is some sort of social media celebrity. A few people are even saying that she has empowered a lot of women. This is talking about feminism!

Apologise ASAP

Pablo apologised a bit late but he still apologised. Even the apology was a bit awkward. He added that he was going to dash @MissMoshiku 25k. This is quite unnecessary. He should simply apologise and keep quiet. Knowing when to apologise and how to apologise are very important in resolving a dispute.

Beware of an angry woman

Beware of the anger of a woman. She can sting you where you don’t expect.

Damilola Faustino

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