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By Rolat-Abiola Folake (4lake)

A lot of stories have been told and retold for the purpose of deriving one or two lessons. One of such old stories which happens to be my favourite is the story of a king and his slave.

There was a king who was well known to punish the slightest of all offences with death, exile or amputation of body parts. This king had a faithful servant who was very hardworking. This servant had been working for the king since he was five years old (then, the king was a prince).

One day, the servant offended the king and the king ordered for his execution by asking his guards to throw the servant into a den where he kept ten of his flesh eating dogs in ten days’ time.

The servant was very sad and wondered why he ever worked hard to please the same king. He accepted his fate and decided to prepare for his death.

He met with the guard taking care of the dogs and begged to care for them for ten days. This he did till the day he was to be killed.

The king wanted his death to be spectacular and decided to call the whole village to his execution. Fortunately and to the surprise of all, when the servant was thrown into the den, rather than maim him, the dogs happily welcomed the servant, wagging their tails for him.


In this story, the king represents Day to day situations and the dogs represents Problems.

It’s very possible you find yourself striving to do different activities you think may profit or add value to your life. It may be a project you have been working on for years, a song you have been trying to sing, an examination you have been writing for a long time or even day to day activities yet you are faced with a lot of problems. Our day to day situations at times keep throwing us into problems. These problems are so great that they make you want to give up because for the fear of failure.

But rather than give up, why not master it, face it and tame it in order to find a solution to it? The servant in this story faced, cared and found a solution to his problems without being killed or maimed.

Therefore, tame that problem and never let it get to you.


You are living and your problems are lifeless, making you greater than than them.

Have a lovely week.

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