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Written by Ogundemuren Ruth

Instagram: @demuren_ruth

University of Lagos is the first choice… to be continued on their website.

University of Lagos is an estate of opportunities. A society, almost secluded from the outside world, with its own slangs, trends and news.

The moment you enter through those gates, past those security men to move into your hall of residence, it is like you become ignorant of developments outside University of Lagos (UNILAG) except of course, if you read the news regularly which most of us do not.

However, if it is a ‘once in a while’ opportunity, UNILAG is just the right location. From volunteer jobs to training programmes, there is no month these don’t occur and therefore, there are no excuses to make.

University of Lagos is highly synonymous with Entrepreneurship. From fashion to music to art to food, even gender isn’t a limitation.


From fashion designers to makeup artists to models to fashion sketch artists, fashion is the most sought-into business in UNILAG. UNILAG is the place to sew great designs and rock the perfect brows.


With hall weeks and trade fairs, it is no surprise to have a list of DJs juggling academics and ‘sound mixing’. Upcoming artistes also grab the ‘hall week’ opportunities to spread their wings or show themselves to the ‘world’.


Draw. Paint. Mould. Carve. Design. Artists in UNILAG are making it big time. That is if you give yourself the right publicity and you are good. Some go as far as being represented by art galleries.


Now, don’t you just love the ‘sight’ of that? Boiled, fried, barbequed, steamed, peppered. And surprise, it is male dominated.


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