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If there’s anyone who has a voice and is using it right in Hollywood today, it has to be Taraji P. Henson.

Fierce as her character in blockbuster, Empire, Cookie Lyon, Taraji is speaking on prejudices in the film industry on NetEdit magazine cover.

taraji p henson

With a career that has spanned almost three decades where she went from playing supporting act roles in low budget movies to one the highest paid black actress in recent times, Henson is a walking, breathing example of the after the rain comes the shine.

In her interview with PorterEdit, the Acrimony star digs into her life off-screen as she spoke on how she learned to say no to movie studios who won’t pay her what she is worth or what they pay her white counterparts.

taraji p henson

Styled by Tracy Taylor and photographed by Sam Taylor Johnson, for Net A Porter’s digital magazine PorterEdit, Taraji highlights some of the essential fashion pieces every fashionable woman owns and talks about her breakthrough role in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button– which got her nominated for an Academy Award.

She talks also about the prejudice in the industry, the huge pay gap between her and the other cast members as well as how she now looks forward to negotiating her pay.

Taraji also opens up about her mental health, her father, her background and even dealing with addiction to work and her life as a single mother raising her now twenty-four year old son.

taraji p hensontaraji p henson

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By Sarah Oyedo

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