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This past weekend for Taylor Swift was not one to be forgotten too quickly

So a birthday celebration happened this Saturday in the Hamptons, where Taylor Swift and Nelly were invited to perform the rapper’s song ‘Dilemma’’.  Videos online suggested that the Grammy award winner was having a good time as she perfectly took on Kelly Rowland’s part in the song. But then, things got weird…

Let’s assume that she couldn’t keep calm any longer…and so she didn’t even know she was flirty, that happens right? She was later joined by the birthday boy Mike Hess on stage. Brief introduction- as well as the birthday boy, Hess is a Harvard Business School Graduate and an oil heir. Bear that in mind later in the story.

So a snapchat video caught a moment between Taylor and Hess where the songstress was strutting her stuff towards Hess before giving him a quick kiss on his cheek. Afterwards, they danced ‘closely’ together as the oil heir (Mike Hess, don’t ever forget his name) wrapped his arm around her waist.


Taylor Swift cozies up to Mike Hess


Oh, quick reminder- Taylor Swift isn’t single oh. Far from it. She just spent the past couple of weeks running all over the globe PDA-ing with new boyfriend, Tom Hiddelston.

In all her songs, Taylor always paints herself as the tragic scorned lover but after this display, we’re really not sure. I mean, we can’t judge her to harshly because word has it that Taylor was just in a really good mood and spent the rest of her day with a close friend Karlie Kloss after the flirty minutes with Hess.

But then we also gathered that Taylor and Hess appear to have known each other for a while now. There’s a 2014 snapshot from Heidi Klum’s Instagram page that shows the pair cozying up to the supermodel. So maybe they’re just friends.

But then again, do you rub up against your friends like that… #noshade

What do you guys think? Is Taylor acting out because of her fall from grace after Kim exposed her? Is she just in the mood to cheat? Is she just seeking attention? Or was the whole thing innocent and we’re just making a big deal out of nothing? Let us know in the comments below.

Written by Kike Olowu

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