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We don’t mean ”scatter” in a bad way. But we are not sure if we also mean it in a good way! It was 2011, and a good year for Nigerian hiphop. No matter the bad mouthing of some viewers, (Some said Sashsa went to BET to speak Yoruba, and some said BET never called us again after this one) fans of Naija rap music were proud of this moment. Watching the BET HipHop awards of the year and waiting for the Cyphers, brought a mega surprise when our very own Nigerian MCs popped up on the screens.

While the bars came well delivered by our champions such as Mode9 and M.I, we’ve got mixed feelings about the verses from Naeto C, Ice Prince…and we hate to admit it…..Sasha.

Now the question is, did the Nigerian videos feature at the live BET event? We can’t be sure, but the broadcast version as viewed down here in Naija showed the Nigerians, before the clips of the international acts came on.

They were grouped into the male category and the females. Now let’s check them out and examine the most notable bars delivered.

Male Category: M.I, Mode 9, Ice Prince, XO Senavoe, Naeto C, Sauce Kid

Notable Lines;

XO Senavoe- I saw this beat, its now an eyesore in the I. C. U buzzing about who the best be….i’m all 3….minus 2.

Mode9- My word play is incredible fam, to get into my rhymebook you’ll need a retinal scan.


Female Category: Eva, Sasha, Muna, Kelz, Blaise, Zee

Notable Lines;

Blaize- Blowing systems in your whips call me Koboko Haram

Eva- Feeling like Bruno, got my brain from mars, ya’ll be thinking i’m insane when i’m spitting these bars.

Yes….those are the best lines we got from the girls.

And now…..watch and enjoy…or laugh.


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