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So today we decided to take a stroll down memory lane and think of some of our favorite Nigerian soap operas from when we were younger. A few of them you might not know probably cos you were too young or not even born but most of them had you willing to offer burnt offering to NEPA just to make sure that they didn’t take the light while your show was on. Let’s take a look at six of our favorite soap operas from way back when.

-Willie Willie: This show was probably the scariest I can remember watching as a kid and the name Willie Willie was used for years to terrify kids (and lowkey, some adults too). The plot of the show centered on an innocent orphan that was sacrificed and came back as a ghost to hunt the entire village.



Tales by Moonlight: The episodes from this show were a hit back to back! Every Sunday at 6pm everyone was glued to their television screen. The featured stories were always different but usually had an underlying moral lesson that was always discussed afterwards.

Izozo: Izozo was like Super Story’s little sister that aired every Tuesday by 8pm. This TV show was sponsored by the then vice president’s wife Mrs. Titi Abubakar. It focused on the travails of human trafficking and prostitution in Nigeria.


village headmaster

Village Headmaster: This is was one of the first television shows in Nigeria. This series actually started out as a radio drama and its popularity led to its on screen transformation that enjoyed huge success as well. This soap opera featured the hilarious adventures of a headmaster in a local school.

Jaguar: This show was about Jaguar, an elderly old man who never failed to get himself into all sorts of mischief. The show was popular for a phrase Jaguar used when caught in mischief making “my belle o…my y head o”


i nid to know

I Need to Know: This soap opera was a Nigerian family-oriented television series starred Funke Akindele as Bisi and was sponsored by the United Nations Population Fund. Its theme centered on adolescent sexual health issues as an effort to provide information and education on sex education.

Honorable mentions- Checkmate, Secret of the Sand, Sweet and Sour, The New Masquerade, Palace, Family Circle and Super Story.

Let us know in the comment section other Nigerian soap operas you enjoyed watching in the past!


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Written by Treasure Asanammy

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