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Sunglass trends come and go and come right back around again. Those shades we love to wear these days with its exotic shapes and sizes are actually a blast from the past. The sunglasses and glasses produced in the 1970s, 80s and 90s were something special even back then – and today they are both a role model and an iconic image. So take a tip from history and repeat your favourite decade of shades.

The Cat Eye Sunglass



Cat eye sunglasses makes one remember the Katty Perry’s ‘Roar’. These shades were first designed in the 50s for women who are fashionable and wants a break from the boring trends. Today, the cat eye sunglasses have evolved to a real fashion line with colourful studs and jewels on them.

The Browline Sunglass

browline-vintage-glassestn_-images-w-harlem-tortamber-angle-jpg_w1000-1While the women were been fashionable with their cat eye sunglasses, the browline sunglasses were for the real men. These shades have a hipster, smarty-pants reputation. In the ‘50s, human rights activist Malcolm X was rarely seen without a pair of his iconic browline styles. Today, you can find these shades in a wide array of colours, patterns, and lens tints.

The Retro Square Sunglass



The epitome of cool, retro square sunglasses first gained popularity in the 1960s among creative types like Bob Dylan and Andy Warhol. In recent years, these shades have made a major comeback, and we don’t foresee them disappearing from the spotlight anytime soon. Retro square shades are the choice pair for all you rebels without a cause

The Oversized Sunglass

60s-jackie-o-sunglasses tn_-images-w-6771-black-jpg_w1000

We can thank the infamous Jackie O for making oversized sunglasses a thing, and we’re so glad she did. Big, plastic frames in pops of black and white were the eyewear trend dominating women’s fashion in the 1960s. Today, oversized sunglasses come in a spectrum of shapes and styles.

The Tinted Sunglass

markginsburg2 tn_-images-w-m9157frv-yellowgreen-jpg_w1000

The hippie rockers (Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, John Lennon) of this decade made tinted lenses a hot trend during the ‘70s. Musicians today are still fond of wearing these shades during performances. Rock a pair of your own to a music festival or when you’re feeling artsy-fartsy.

The Square Framed Sunglass

vintage-70-s-school-teacher-metal-clear-lens-glasses-227a-1 tn_-images-w-f1507_goldamber-jpg_w1000

The age of disco brought in the large square-framed sunglasses to rule the dance floor. Most often found in shades of gold and bronze with gradient-tinted lenses, these sunglasses were popular for both men and women.

Shield Sunglass

4731862b47ada1ec52e9a112470358ec tn_-images-w-riptide-black-jpg_w1000


All hail the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, and his futuristic, shield-style shades! Fashion in the 1980s was all about bold, off-the-wall, head-turning trends. Modern-day rockstars like Kanye and Pitbull are still repping MJ’s iconic shades for a look that’s party-ready 24/7.

The Aviator Sunglass

top-gun tn_-images-w-admiral_green-jpg_w1000-1

In 1986, aviator sunglasses emerged as an icon when Tom Cruise donned them in the popular blockbuster, Top Gun. Today, aviators are as popular as ever, seen on A-list celebs like Diddy and Kim Kardashian.

Sport Sunglass



Cyclists, tennis players, water sports enthusiasts, and everyone in-between needed sunglasses to give them that extra edge. Whether you’re playing a quick round of beach volleyball or going for gold, reach for a pair of sports sunglasses and get ready to bring your A-game.

Round Sunglass

download-21 tn_-images-w-london-goldbrown-angle-jpg_w1000

If everything was bigger and bolder in the ‘80s, it all shrank when the ‘90s rolled around. Smaller, more minimalist sunglasses in round and oval shapes became the trend of the moment. Today, Mary-Kate Olsen still owns this trend, wearing an updated, oversized version of the round sunglasses trend around town.

So which of these retro shades are you rocking? Share pictures with us on social media.

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Image Credit: TheSunglassesWarehouse

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