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One of the things I miss most about being a kid is snack time. You can’t really have snacks as an adult oh. There’s not enough time really and when I do have time to eat, best believe it’s full eba and egusi that’s doing me.

But every now and then I sit back and reminisce on the days where I sat in the cafeteria around 10/11am, gisting with my pals, gossiping about boys and abusing our least favorite teachers all while fully munching on these goodies:


There’s NOTHING on earth like Cabin biscuit. It’s essentially this tasteless cracker- except, somehow, it’s yummy. And it goes well with EVERYTHING. If you had a whole box of it, you were a real OG cos you could exchange some for other stuff and still enjoy a ton of tasteless yumminess.


This gum was like currency. I used to get people to do my homework in exchange for a couple of these bad boys. What’s weird is, I don’t remember actually buying them- different people always just dashed me. Also, you needed plenty cos after like five chews, the flavour was totally gone.

download (15)

This was alarmingly tasty. Like, I used to CRAVE Okin. The one thing I never exchanged/shared- it was all for me!


I call these ‘the little nibbles’ cos they were all in little bits and were all perfect for secretly sharing in class. I remember I once got in massive trouble cos I spent a whole maths class throwing one coconut cookie ball at a time at all my classmates.


THE ULTIMATE SNACK. Glucose biscuit was, is and will forever be the absolute best thing on the planet. But I’m not that nostalgic for it sha- cos I’m eating some right now!

What snacks do you miss from your childhood? Let us know in the comments. And if you’re in the mood for a little more nostalgia, check this out.

Written by Tamara Aihie

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