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I have hardly heard children say they want to be a teacher in the future. They are fed with the notion that it is a mediocre job that has little to no benefits. This doesn’t mean that there are not a few that see how much their teachers have changed their lives. At the time it was probably annoying and you just wished that they would leave you alone. I am glad they didn’t.

You all may have had that one awesome teacher that was just so cool. Everyone feels comfortable talking to them about their deep dark secrets. Or the one that was so scary people ran the other way when they see him/her coming. What I have learnt from my years of teaching is that teachers have a lot more molding effect on the student aside from helping them with their grammar or mathematics. They have to be friendly enough that students can approach them when they are in need but also respect them when they are in front of a classroom.

Teachers spend at least ten hours a day, five days a week with the students. A lot can happen in that space of time. The students will leave the school remembering forever the way you made them feel. Statistics have even shown as well that students tend to do better at subjects that they like the teacher as opposed to subjects where the teacher makes them feel inferior or less confident. This logic is simple. If you are approachable, the students will feel better meeting you to explain a misunderstanding they have.

Being a teacher is the best thing for me. It is a special calling unlike any other profession in life. It is sad that people see it as a last resort when things don’t work out. Just like a doctor, you have the lives of thousands in your hands. One wrong move and everything is over for them. If you have no passion for this, then don’t be there. It has its challenges especially when you have students who just never get it. But it will all be worthwhile when you meet them later in life and they have become an important and valuable part of the society.

Today is World Teacher’s Day- take the day out to think of, appreciate and remember teachers everywhere!

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