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The fastest, most convenient way to get from one destination to another is through the use of a comfortable vehicle with an efficient driver. You want to enjoy the pride of feeling like the owner of the car and controlling the driver. This will probably even help to boost your self esteem before you get to that party or that interview. This is the definition of a cab. Or should be.
The drag would be having to go outside to call a cab, or calling that cab guy that can keep you waiting for another hour. Plus the annoying-ness of rickety vehicles that show up to pick you in your expensive suits and dresses.
That’s where Ryno comes to your rescue! Ryno is a new transport application that connects a customer with a driver and an efficient and highly convenient vehicle. Plus it’s very affordable.
In fact, Ryno has a promo going on that allows you, the customer to have 1,000 off any ride you book and Accelerate TV has the scoop, the code and the procedure.
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To be part of this promo, simply download the Ryno app on iStore or Play Store, or through this easy link: www.rynong.com, input your details, including your location and destination, then input the promo code: RYNOAXLR81 and you will be picked up like a king or queen.
Hurry though, becasue this code is only valid through 27th of February – 1st of March, 2017.
So you don’t have to be bothered about how to return home from a late
night outing or the best way to reach your next destination. The Ryno app is as good as they come.
Founders of Ryno, Tope Omisore, Seun Banjo and Niyi Oguntoyinbo are excited to also call for drivers to register their vehicles for the transport business, but after due inspection and screening, of course.
What better way to make some cool cash?
To the customer, we are a reliable and affordable platform that matches you with a ride using your phone from your place of convenience i.e. home/office/school/party etc. To the partner, we provide a reliable platform that allows you use your assets (Car) to earn an income.
We have state-of-the-art on-demand mobility technology for immediate ride request and pre-booking capabilities, 24/7 live customer care and a stellar user experience taking on-demand mobility to the next level,” the founders said.
Written by Oluwatoyin Adeleye
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