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If you just bought a very expensive smartphone, there are certain things you are expected to do to protect your device from any damage. One of the most important things is using a screen protector. For those who do not use a screen protector, we share why your smartphone requires one. This will help you save money because phone screens are quite costly.

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Promotes privacy

There are some screen protectors that prevents other people from seeing whatever you are doing with your phone. If not for shielding your phone from damage, you can use to deal with prying eyes.

Maintains resale value

Since a screen saver’s duty is to protect the screen from any crack or damage, it makes the phone appear brand new. As a result, it will be easier for you to resell it at a very reasonable and good price.

For beauty purposes

Funny but true. You can use your screensaver as a mirror when the screen is sleeping. You can use it to check your makeup, adjust your hair and do other things. So, you no longer need to carry a mirror in your bag.

Resistant to fingerprints

There are special anti-fingerprint screen protectors that prevent skin oils and helps to offers resistance to the appearance and attachment of fingerprints on the screen. With a fingerprint resistant screen protector, your screens will always appear clean and brand always.

Protect screen from damage

This is perhaps the most obvious benefit of a screen protector. When your phone inadvertently drops, instead of the screen being damaged, it is the screen protector that will be affected.

Written By Damilola Faustino

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