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Your MacBook holds all your documents and other relevant information that you could lose if you do not protect it.


Today, if your MacBook security is weak, you may just make yourself vulnerable to hacking. Trust the hackers, they will take advantage of any loophole to steal information from your loaded system. Accordingly, we share tips to protect your expensive MacBook from thieves or hackers.


—Do not install an unauthorised software

You should never install a software that is incompatible with your MacBook. It will only make it malfunction. If you need to install one, get the original one or a fairly used that will work perfectly with your system.


—Ensure antivirus is up-to-date 

This is perhaps the most important tip to protect your MacBook. Anti-virus prevents your system from being eaten up by a virus. So, ensure that you always update it and use an antivirus that will work perfectly with your system.


—Use secure your passwords

Using QWERTY or 12345 as a password is one of the ways you are putting your computer at risk. It is advisable to use passwords that are complicated and difficult to guess. A good password must feature a capital letter, symbols, and numbers.

computer programme updates

—Programme Updates

All your programmes have to be up to date so that they will have the latest version. So, if they are out of date, you should connect your system to the internet and update it. This will further secure your MacBook.

back up

—Backup all information

You should not leave all your information in your system. You should try as much as possible to back all your information on a hard drive. That means if your MacBook crashes, you do not need to worry. You have your backup.

Written By Damilola Faustino

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