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Have you ever imagined how your life will look like without your smartphone? We bet you haven’t!  Currently, many of us cannot live a day without our phone let alone survive. Regardless, it is this same world or life that our mothers and fathers lived for decades without phones. So why can’t you? This is impossible, you will say.

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To put this in perspective, about a quarter of Nigerians (27%) say that their device is a smartphone, i.e. one that can access the internet and apps, such as an iPhone, Blackberry or Android device according to PewGlobal.

Well, check out the way your life (our lives) will appear if phones didn’t exist. With this, you will appreciate your phone more (Not like you already don’t).


You cannot cancel an appointment

You have an appointment for 8 am on the Island and you reside on the Mainland. If the appointment is cancelled, there is no way they can contact you. Tears will almost drop from your eyes when you eventually realize the appointment has been cancelled, after you got to the venue, especially when you consider the stress you went through to get there.


You will miss school lectures and exams

You can receive calls and WhatsApp messages that you have lectures or exam at a particular time. Of course, this is impossible if there is no phone. In fact, there will be so many carryovers!


You have to travel long distance to deliver simple messages

There is an urgent message you have to deliver to a friend or family member. Since there is no other way you can deliver the message, you have to wake up as soon as the cock crows and leave for their location to deliver the message. This can be stressful. With the dial of a number, you will deliver any message.


You have access to limited information

With your phone, you have access to a large pool of information. The good, the bad and the ugly. You can connect your phone hotspot with your computer and you have access to unlimited information for your project research or presentation.

abroad call

You cannot talk to your friends in Jand and Yankee

Then, you cannot interact with your friends in England and America. This was why NITEL was very active and virile. But with Skype on your phone, you can exchange audio and video calls with anyone from anywhere in the world. You don’t need to queue for hours to talk to them.

sleeping in the bus

You may sleep in traffic

Lagos traffic is not your friend. When you are hooked in traffic, you can only grumble. The only way you can escape the traffic stress is when you call your friend who will inform or tell you which route is traffic free. Besides that, you have to face the traffic. Plus if you in the bus, everyone knows the best way to not feel too frustrated in traffic is to browse through social media or just fiddle with your phone.

Written by Damilola Faustino

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