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Can your mind fathom the possibilities of self-banking? Where an app replaces your bank and you don’t have to step your feet in a bank to make transactions? Remembering how tiring those long bank queues can be? Then it’s a relief that PayWithCapture is here to be your mobile ‘Central Bank’.

PayWithCapture 5.0 enables users to make instant money transfers to any bank account just with your phone number, quick bill payments (minus the annoying N100 fee banks charge) and track spending with the personal financial management (PFM) tool. There is also the added benefit of opening accounts and making money transfers using Facebook and Twitter accounts; a highly welcomed development that is sure to save us time at the bank. You can even send money to social media profiles in a super secure and convenient way. Seems like an imagination, right?


This app liberates you and gives you freedom to spend. Now stop imagining. With PayWithCapture 5.0, your imagination is now a reality. You can set up Savings club (‘Ajo/Esusu’), 1-Click Payments for your recurrent payments, open an account instantly in addition to regular funds transfer and bills payment. This means flatter wallets and more phone storage space for the average Nigerian, with a more seamless banking experience to look forward to.


This app really transcends beyond a mere phone application, it is a lifetime companion that helps you make wise financial decisions and it saves you when you forget your wallet. Download PayWithCapture today from your phones’ App Store and become truly #Illimitable. You work hard to make money, you shouldn’t work hard to spend it. PayWithCapture makes life easy for you. This is one app you will wish have been developed earlier. This is the app that without an iota of doubt; replaces your bank and .

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