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We’ve just finished the Olympics. The Paralympics are happening right now. And so now, the question remains- are you ready for the Bionic Olympics!?

Next month is the Cybathlon, a competition featuring people with various disabilities using technology to compete. So we’re talking powered wheelchairs, robotic exoskeletons, electronic arms, stuff like that. It’s literally like something straight out of a movie.




Over 50 teams from around the world are competing and the events range from playing computer games with your mind to slicing bread, going upstairs and putting clothes out to wash.

The event is the brain child of the Swiss university, ETH Zurich. They wanted to bring attention to people with disabilities and raise awareness in the tech world as to how important it is for them to continue to use technology to help improve their quality of life.

We love the idea and can’t wait to see just how advanced technology for disabled people has come. Come back next month to find out what went down at Cybathlon.

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Image: BBC

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