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Pretty much everybody pretended to be a spy when they were a kid. And then there are those of us who still secretly pretend to be one now. You know, when you eavesdrop on a convo. Or when you manage to grab something out of the fridge just before the door shuts and in your mind you’re just like Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Turns out though that you can actually totally be a real life spy!

Lol, I lied. You can’t. But you can actually totally buy these awesome products that will make you feel like one:

5. If you have an office job and are forced to dress up every day, you’ll love these cufflinks that double as a pair of deadly knives.


cuff link knives


4. Car owners with something to hide (like a rather selfish and shameful snack addiction) will definitely be interested in this stick shift with a screw off top.


stick shift with removable top


3. Anybody need a coin? Well you can’t borrow this one cos it also doubles as a secret hiding spot. (Does it come in kobo please?)

coin secret hiding spot


2. This looks like a book on the outside- but it’s really a safe. Keeping secrets while deceiving your parents and friends that you sabi book. It’s literally the dream.

book case and safe

book safe


  1. And the most epic spy product? This phone case with a secret camera on top. So now, we can secretly spy on that cute guy in the office and look totally natural doing it! #winning

secret camera phone case


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