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So you’re out with friends and you see a girl wearing a top in exactly the shade of green that you have been searching for. It’s that perfect Forest Green shade that will complete your life. You gather the courage to tap her on the shoulder and beg her to please tell you where its from after showering the item in question with compliments.
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Her response? Last season Fashpa. Or even worse still- it’s vintage from her mothers wardrobe. Total heart break ensues.

Thank goodness for the tech wizards for helping solve most of our problems with this Snap Fashion app . Add this super-useful color matching shopping app to your phone right now and make finding your dream pieces simple and easy!
It works like this
  1. Take a photo on your mobile phone of an item of clothing IRL, from the internet or in a magazine.
  2. The app sets to work scanning over 1 million items of clothing (including footwear and bags) from over 16,000 brands (from New Look to Net-a-Porter) in under half a second.
  3. Feast your eyes on the results, which will show you everything in-store in your chosen color.
  4. Tap on an item to buy it, or save it to get sale alerts.

Genius, no?


We think this is a great way to get outfits and inspiration from the world around you and to be your own stylist. What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments below.

Written by Tokyo James

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