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By Damilola Faustino

It’s hard to imagine leaving the house without your smartphone. Most of us feel naked and alone without our phones, disconnected from the world. The truth is, your mobile phone can save your life. Driving in remote places, cornered by an attacker, pinned beneath machinery, you can use your phones to reach emergency workers in ways that no other distress signal can. There is no doubt that your phone especially if you are using an iPhone can save your life:


Use voice-activated Siri
In certain threatening situations, your phone might not always be at hand – but that’s where voice-activated Siri steps in. To add voice-activated Siri to your phone, go to Settings > General > Siri > Allow ‘Hey Siri’

Add a medical ID
By adding a medical ID to your phone, it means everyone has access to your emergency contact details, your medical history and any allergies you have, without having access to your phone.

Download an app to help you find the closest medical help
Apps like iTriage will help you find the closest hospital, A&E unit or doctor’s surgery. It offers advice on symptoms and how to handle certain medical emergencies. Of course, this advice doesn’t replace a face-to-face general practitioner’s appointment.

Use a location services app
By downloading an app that tracks your location, your family and other chosen users will always know where you are. You might feel like it’s an invasion of privacy to have this on 24/7, but perhaps useful when you’re on holiday or on a night out.

Use the flashlight
An oldie but a goodie – a flashlight could help you out in many situations when you feel unsafe.

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