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#TechTuesday: Galaxy Note 8 is coming!

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Written by Stephen Budu

Samsung’s note lineups have always brought an awesome experience to the smartphone world. With Samsung’s signature S pen, the note series bring a lot of handy features to people wanting to expand their mobile usability. Get more creative with your snapchat and Instagram stories.

If you were a fan of last year’s Samsung galaxy note 7 but got disappointed because of its unfortunate explosions due to its battery fault, then be rest assured that the galaxy note 8 will knock your socks off.

Samsung recently posted this picture of its unpacked event coming in August 23rd, so we expect to see the Note 8 on August 23rd.

The hype for the note 8 is very real, most of it coming from the fact that people are hoping that it doesn’t come with any problems like what happened last year.

A lot of leaks have been popping over the past few weeks, with each recent leak looking better and better. From these leaks we see that Samsung has stuck to the infinity display which looked awesome on the galaxy S8 and S8 plus, and the note 8 is rumored to even have a more “infinity” display which means thinner screen to body ratio.

The note 8 is packing a whole lot of cool features, such as: Dual camera setup, 6GB of RAM an iris scanner and a screen size of 6.2 inches.

The Galaxy note 8 is also rumored to have a smaller battery than that of the galaxy S8. The Fingerprint scanner on the S8 was just terrible to use because of how close it was to the camera, the galaxy note 8’s Fingerprint scanner is said to be located at the rear but with better spacing so that unlocking the device is less cumbersome.

Based on these rumors the galaxy note 8 can easily be the best smartphone of 2017, I guess we’ll just have to wait for the final launch.

Admire this technological beauty in the gallery above.

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