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The evolution of selfies – Hover Camera Passport! What can I say? Technology is evolving to a whole new level. From mad tech gadgets that can do amazing things, your mind can never fathom to the internet of things and now small sized powerful drones.


Most drone cameras are all about giving you crazy aerial perspectives or carrying heavy and expensive camera gimbals, but the Hover Camera is not that kind of drone. Created by Zero Zero Robotics, the little drone cam is more like a tiny hovering friend that’ll follow you around taking pictures and video.

Where other drones focus on flying, Hover focuses on hovering. Using a downward facing camera, the little drone tries its best to stay perfectly level and still. All you have to do to deploy it is unfold, and let it go.


Once it’s in the air, it can capture 13MP photos and 4K video, which you control from a smartphone app. And thanks to facial recognition technology, it’ll follow you around, trying to stay perfectly level as it does. Costing $529 – $600 only. Here is how it works.

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