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Yay Instagram finally listened to our plea! Now, users can zoom in on pictures. Internet stalkers everywhere, rejoice. But it turns out that now, we have a new problem. As soon as the update rolled out, users, especially iPhone users started complaining about the text size, saying it was noticeably smaller than the initial update.



At first, we thought it was just a way for Instagram to challenge snapchat and appeal to a younger demographic, thereby cutting off much older users who would hate the smaller text feature. But that can’t be it because apparently, some users also had extra-large text as well.

Which begged the question: what is Instagram really up to?

Well here is what Instagram really did: Nothing. They didn’t reduce or enlarge the text size. Only now, the text size on Instagram, now correlates with the default text size on your phone. So if your phone’s text size is really big, your Instagram text size is going to be really big and vice versa.



How do you fix it? Easy-

Go to Settings > Display & Brightness > Text Size and adjust to your preference.

Comments are welcome- let us know what you think about the new update, especially the zoom in feature.


Written by Doyinsola Olaniyan

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