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We all know who Robin Hood is, right? The vigilante who steals from the rich and gives to the poor? Well it turns out there’s a real life, modern Robin Hood around. And we should all love him. After all, who doesn’t like free stuff? Who no like awoof!?

Anyway, if you fall within the majority (those that like free stuff obviously) you are going to be really stoked about myRobinHood.com. It’s a lifestyle giveaway platform that offers great deals from Netflix to Kylie cosmetics to gadget deals and more.

I know what your next couple of questions are: (yes I can read minds!) How does it work? How can I win free stuff on this platform? How do I get started? It’s surprisingly easy, all you have to do is get the app and signup with either Facebook, Twitter or your email and then you also have to signup for daily, monthly and yearly giveaways. Whichever one works for you (obviously I chose daily).

MyRobinHood has a clear and user friendly layout that allows users to easily navigate within the site as quickly as possible, ensuring that they don’t miss out on great giveaways.

Another key question is why MyRobinHood is doing this? Well basically, they are offering brands an opportunity to create awareness and aid conversion of users to loyal customers. They do this by including a promo video or a social link or shop now button in every giveaway, thereby giving brands an opportunity to increase sales. It’s kind of genius, right?

Our company’s goal is to give everyone an opportunity to win the latest and hottest products,” said Oren Salmon, CEO of myRobinHood. “With our newest lineup of giveaways, we aim to become the go-to app in the rewards market for millennials.

Take note that if you do actually win anything from the site, you responsible for paying taxes where they may apply. So go forth to win free stuff and make us proud.


Written by Doyinsola Olaniyan

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