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Some kids are not all about looking cute, the latest TV shows or conquering video games. They’re about changing the face of the earth through inventions, even at their young age. Let’s have a look at some kids who make us question how exactly we spent our childhood.kylie-simmonds-300x199

1. Kylie Simonds: She invented a pediatric IV backpack. You read that right. It’s an actual wearable, portable IV machine for kids receiving chemotherapy or transfusions. Little Kylie thought it would be a good idea, to stop herself from tripping over wires when she was getting treatment. The cool bag comes in colorful designs. 


2. Kenneth Shinozuka: To help his dying grandfather who had Alzheimer’s disease, Kenneth developed wearable sensors which send mobile signals when a patient begins to wander away from his bed. The sensors’ trigger an audible alert on the caregiver’s phone using an app.


3. Anesi and Osine Ikhianosime: These 13 and 15 year old brothers built a faster web browser to solve our woes of waiting for pages to load. The waiting can be a tad bit annoying, right? The cool browser is called Crocodile Browser Lite and is available on Google Play store.

caine_cardboardchallenge_boss2-300x1694. Caine Monroy: In 2011, Caine built an arcade game from scratch, using his dad’s auto parts and scraps of cardboard. Being the ever forward thinker, he charged 1 dollar admission for four turns and made some generous cash in the process. His first customer was a filmmaker, who proposed making a short film about his arcade and his customers.


5. Kelvin Doe: Also known as DJ Focus, Kelvin just happens to be Sierra Leone’s youngest engineer. He taught himself Engineering at the age of 13 and built his very own radio station where he now plays music and broadcast news.

Who did you find most inspiring?

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