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Card theft is very rampant these days, as more people are relying on ATM to perform different transactions. This is why you should be conscious of where you use your debit cards, because you may lose your money if you are careless. So, where are the places you should never use your ATM card? Read on to know more:



Quite a large number of people pay for purchases and online transactions with their ATM card. However, do you know that the chances of having your card information stolen are greater when you use it online?  Besides, the virus on your computer can steal your information as you enter it. The important thing is for you to be very careful.

Random ATM 

You should never use your ATM card at a random location where there is no bank present. There may be someone waiting or skimming to get your card details. Also, you may be attacked at that ATM spot and all your money collected.

Self-Service stores

A store where no one is present to attend to you is not a good place to use your card. It may be a disguise to get your PIN and ATM card details.

Recurring charges and subscriptions

Make sure you are very careful with linking your ATM card with any monthly charges, payment or subscription. It is better you pay cash because if you do not have enough money on your ATM card, you may be hit with an overdraft. In some cases, you may have stopped the subscription to a particular service and they will still be charging.

Anywhere you are a new customer

If you’re making a purchase somewhere you’ve never done business before, it is better you pay cash. You should not use a card until you know more about the business and trust that any potential issues will be resolved. This because if there is any case of fraud, you may have a hard time getting your money back.

Written By Damilola Faustino

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