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If you can edit videos on Android or iPhone directly, you’ll enjoy uploading videos from iPhone or Android to YouTube more. But, what is the best app for editing Youtube videos? There are plenty of apps for editing Youtube videos, but not all of them can satisfy your editing needs. So before installing an app on your iPhone or Android device, you need to figure out which kinds of editing functions you need, and then download a YouTube editing app that can fully meet your requirements. Check out some Youtube editing apps to download on your smartphone below :Youtube editing


VivaVideo is of the most famous and renowned YouTube video editing application for iOS and Android. From shooting the videos to professionally editing them, VivaVideo provides every option. You can easily shoot the photo using the built-in camera feature of the application. The best thing about VivaVideo is that you can also record in the normal mode and widescreen. Apart from shooting the videos, you can also add multiple beautiful effects to your videos, but can also add audio tracks from your iTunes library.


A list of video editors is incomplete without the amazing video editing application by Apple, iMovie. Although it is only available for iOS it has great video editing features such as adding text, changing audio track of a video, adding effects to a video and finally uploading it to famous social networking websites such as Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo. Another noticeable feature about using iMovie is that you can change the speed of a particular part of the video, you can make a slow-motion or hyper-lapse video of a specific part.


KineMaster is a great YouTube video editing tool to edit videos on Android devices. It helps everyone from basic level to the professional level. Just like iMovie, everything is present right on the screen. Unlike most of the video editors, it doesn’t offer the simple video editing, however, the videos are created in the form of layers. So, you can easily create the picture in picture effect for the video. You can also add text as an introduction, credits or subtitles of the video, add music from the music library on your Android Phone and can perform basic editing functions such as cropping, trimming and rotating the video.


YouTube Video Editor

YouTube also has its own video editing feature in the application. While uploading the videos, you can trim down them, add some already present cool effects to the videos or add some music to the video. The sole purpose of including these features is to refrain users from using other video editing apps. But if you want a professional level video editing, you must download one of the above-mentioned video editing apps.


As the name of the application indicates, Clips is an application with the simplest and minimalistic design for any video editing app. The app itself is actually pretty much easy to use and provides step by step guidelines to edit the videos from trimming it to changing its speed. First of all, you will have to trim the video, add the voice over or music, cool effects and transitions and final video is ready. Although it doesn’t have most of the editing functions it provides great editing tools for basic YouTubers.


WeVideo is an ultimate video editing application that is available as an online service for computers, an App for iOS and Android. You can easily save all of your data on the cloud and can edit the videos while on the go. As far as the editing features of these applications are concerned, it has all the necessary features to edit videos. Cropping, trimming, rotating, adjusting brightness, voice-over, adding music and text, this application has got all areas covered.

By: Dammy Eneli

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