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By Damilola Faustino

It’s difficult to tell if someone is lying when you’re not speaking to them face to face. So, for those who are chronic liars, they will be very excited with this trend because mobile phones will enhance their knack for lying. The one that many persons are now battling with is relationship lies. Lies reinforced by mobile phones is the reason why there is an absence of trust between lovers. So, quite a number of lovers want to know if their partner is saying the truth over the phone when they text or chat. These tips should help. It is however, advisable that you just trust your partner.

Trying to convince you

When a liar wishes to cover his or her lie, they often use the art of persuasion to achieve that. If you ask them a direct question, they will immediately tell you that it is just in your head, that you have trust issues and that you need to work on yourself, so be careful.

They change the subject quickly

If a person you are chatting with or calling suddenly attempt to change the subject because you asked a question that was rather simple, then you should be concerned about the verity of their words. Obviously, the person is not comfortable talking about it so he or she will try to give a very brief reply and move on to a next topic as fast as they can.

Uncharacteristic language

If you have been with your lover for a while, you will be familiar with certain words, phrases and punctuation he or she uses often, and the amount of time he or she tends to take when replying. Pay attention when any of this is not the case.

Use word fillers

When talking over the phone, people need to respond faster so coming up with a lie might be difficult. That’s why a liar will use word fillers when they are not certain about what they should say. When thinking about an answer, they will often use fillers such as “umm” or something similar to create some extra time for coming up with an acceptable answer.

They take forever to respond

Liars usually need more time to reply so that they can perfectly carve their lies. When you are exchanging messages with such a person, do not be surprised when suddenly they require time to text back. Usually, this happens when you ask an unpleasant question.

Unclear reply

For example, you asked something simple, and the person replies with 4 paragraphs long text, then you can be almost sure that he is trying to hide the fact behind it. An overly detailed answer might seem convincing to some, but it might well be the opposite.

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