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By Damilola Faustino

What’s a party without booze? But then how to Teetotalers enjoy their own parties? Here’s how to stay away from alcohol if you are on an alcohol diet:


Avoid triggers

Certain places exist solely for drinking alcohol – bars, for example – so it’s obvious that you should avoid them. However, there might be other places, people or activities in your life that make the urge to drink nearly impossible to avoid. This could include going to a friend’s house. So, learn your triggers and cut them out of your life wherever possible.

Try new activities

Sometimes you find yourself drinking alcohol because it’s just a habit or routine activity. To avoid this, substitute other activities – consider taking up a new hobby.

Order a substitute

If you don’t feel like enduring the peer pressure that comes with ordering a glass of water while everyone else downs a beer, trick your friends into thinking you’re drinking, too. Go to the bar on your own and order a water in a nice glass that your friends will think you are taking alcohol.

Clear out your bar

If you’ve built a stockpile of liquor in your home bar, it’s time to get rid of it. Although it might seem painful from a financial standpoint, having easy access to alcohol drastically increases the temptation to drink it.

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