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It is a tough position to be in, when you discover that your friend’s partner may be cheating. This is especially worse when you know your friend is head over heels in love with their partner. You don’t want to be the one to break up their relationship. In fact, she may even doubt you and accuse you of being interested in her boyfriend. As a result, many people prefer to keep quiet rather than say anything. If you, however, decide to spill the beans, you must do it right. Here are smart ways to do it:

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  1. Make sure you are not making false claims

Before you say anything, you have to be absolutely sure of your claims. You don’t want to be branded a snitch by your friend. For example, if you just see him with another girl for the first time and you immediately conclude that he is cheating, you will look stupid if you say such a thing. You have no proof that he or she is cheating. However, if you see him every time with the same girl besides your friend and they are into Public Display of Affection (kissing, cuddling, etc.), whenever you see them, then you can be suspicious. Note that there is a degree of evidence you will get that makes it obvious that he/she is cheating. If you don’t get such an evidence, it is better to just keep quiet.

  1. Give the cheater a chance

Before you go to your friend, you should confront the cheater with your evidence. His reaction should tell you whether you should tell your friend or not. Oftentimes, if he/she is truly in love with your friend, he will promise to leave the other lady. But if he doesn’t care, he will tell you to go ahead. In this case, please by all means, go ahead.

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  1. At this point tell your friend

Telling your friend should be hinged on his reaction to his/her cheating allegation. If his reaction is unfavourable, you should tell your friend. But, do not tell them on the phone. Meet them face-to-face to tell them and share what you know. Then you should leave them to decide what they will do.

  1. You should back off after telling her

What you told your friend may cost you your relationship with them. If it doesn’t, you are lucky. After you have told your friend, you should not talk about it unless she raises it. In addition, allow her to handle it herself.

  1. Keep it to yourself

Don’t go about informing everyone that your friend’s bae is cheating. She will definitely be unhappy with you. So, don’t go around gossiping about your findings. Even if you see your friend’s bae with the same girl again and again, just ignore them. You have already played your role by telling your friend.

Written by Damilola Faustino

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