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Every relationship is peculiar and it is easy to ignore simple signs that portray whether or not you’re in the right relationship. Sometimes having stayed in a relationship for so long, it is easy to get comfortable with the unhappiness or even forget what a happy relationship feels like. You might even feel like that is the best you can have, have a look at these six tell-tale signs that will indicate whether you’re in the right relationship:

-You spend time doing things you both like. While it is a great idea doing things that he or she likes, spending time doing things that are mutually enjoyed is a good sign. It shows that you have both been able to carry each other along and no one is left behind.

-You spend time alone doing thing you enjoy. Being in the right relationship means that your partner understands that you need to spend time away from them doing your own thing. Besides your mutual interests, your partner should appreciate the fact that sometimes you need to pursue your interests all alone.

-You fight productively. Fights in a relationship should never be about winning but about trying to get your point across to your partner. A productive fight at the end of the day should be able to make you understand each other and find common ground, while respecting each throughout the process.

-You have your own friends and share friends too. When you’re in the right relationship, there should be a right balance between your circle of friends, your partner’s and your shared circle. If you’re lagging in any of the three, then that is a red alert.

-Your family and friends like you together. While a few family and friends might not be overly enthusiastic about your relationship, overwhelming negative feedback from most of them might be a big pointer.

-Disagreeing respectfully. In every relationship, there will always be times when you don’t see eye to eye. The right relationship entails that every disagreement is done in a respectful manner and no one is trying to forcefully change the other person’s point of view.


Written by Treasure Asanammy 

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