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-He follows you to your family parties even when he hardly knows anybody there.

-He takes a million selfies with you until you find the one that is Instagram worthy, even though he thinks every one is perfect.

-Eats special food you made just for him, even though you’ve burnt it and it tastes like crap.

-He doesn’t mind hanging out with your friends even though you know they are lousy and he hates lousy.

-Wearing the ridiculous outfit or accessories you bought for him because he makes you happy.

-Washes the dishes you ate with and dumped in the sink because it is not a big deal.

-Buying you sanitary pads and tampons when shopping for you is not a gross idea for him.

-Cancels big plans he had with his friends because an emergency came up and he knows you need him.

-Cooks for you even though his mom swears he can’t boil water properly.

-Follows you to the cinema to watch a shitty movie your friends won’t watch with you.

-Apologizes after a fight even when you caused it cos he can’t stand you staying mad at him.

-He never ever forgets your birthdays and anniversaries no matter how bad he is with dates.

-He looks you in the eye and says ‘I love you!’


Written by Treasure Asanammy 

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