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By Damilola Faustino

Worms do not only affect children but also adults. A worm infested stomach can lead to death if not properly taken care of making it necessary to deworm often especially in unhygienic conditions. There are certain things you do that may expose you to worms. As such, you need to deworm at various points in your life. Here are some of the things that can call for a deworming session:  stomach

Swim in public pools

If you swim in public pools especially those who don’t treat often there’s a need to deworm often as drinking/taking in untreated and dirty water in any way is a fast way to introduce worms (and germs) into the body.

Drink unclean water

If you drink untreated or unclean water or not sure of the source- which is not healthy- you should deworm often as this is a way worm enters the body which can end up damaging your health.

You walk barefoot

Walking barefoot where there’s grass is one of the sure ways of getting worm infestation. If by any chance you walk barefoot often, you should take time out to deworm.
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 Play with pets

If you keep or play with pets, you should consider deworming often as contact with these pets/animals can introduce worms into the human body/system.


Drinking milk often is another way worm can find its way into your body so if you drink all sorts of milk every time, it’s best to deworm often.

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