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Tennis player, Maxime Hamou has been banned by the organisers of the French Open after he tried to kiss a female reporter repeatedly during a live TV interview.

Maxime Hamou

The 21-year old tried kissing journalist Maly Thomas while holding her around her neck as she made efforts to duck away.The incident happened after he was knocked out of the first round of the competition on Monday.

The French Tennis Federation (FTT) however have condemned the  behaviour and ordered an investigation while Hamou issued apology for his actions.

Hamou said: “I offer my deep apologies to Maly Thomas if she feels hurt or shocked by my attitude during her interview.

“I have just spent a magnificent week here at Roland Garros and I expressed my overflow of enthusiasm crudely towards Maly, who I know and respect sincerely.

“I’m still learning every day from my mistakes to become a better tennis player and a better person.”

Eurosport welcomed his apology and also offered its own apology to viewers affected psychologically and emotionally by Hamou’s actions.

Written by Chineze Ogugua

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