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A romantic kiss is heavenly. It sends you to another realm that you won’t wish to return from. This is when you are actually enjoying the kiss. But if the opposite is the case, you will never look forward to ever kissing again. A bad kiss can be really traumatising. That is why you should always get your kiss right. We share some kissing sins you should never commit:

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Talking While Kissing

Except whatever you want to say is life threatening, you should keep mute while kissing. You don’t need to keep mumbling incomprehensible words unless you want to ruin everything. Just shut up and kiss!

Swallowing Your Mouth/Too much tongue

It can be irritating when kissing a guy and he is almost swallowing your whole mouth. He didn’t even spare your tongue! It is either you forcibly withdraw or you just allow him to kiss you like that. The same for your tongue.

Kissing with bad breath

If you have bad breath, you should deal with it before you kiss anyone. In fact, no one will kiss you if they get a whiff of bad breath from you. If you go ahead to kiss, it can lead to a very bad break up. This is similar to not brushing your teeth.
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Unable to control your saliva

Awww…because you are kissing someone, your mouth and lips are flooded with their saliva. Some people may even overlook this because of their shared love. This doesn’t make it right. Try as much as possible to minimise the saliva exchange when kissing.

No hands

No hands doesn’t work when kissing. Placing your hand the right way will ensure that you aim your kiss properly. By the way, what kind of kiss are you kissing with both hands by your side?

Over staring

If you do not want to kiss, just let him know rather than staring at empty space. Over staring sometimes gives the impression that you are not interested. It is advisable you close your eyes.

You are too fast

A kiss is meant to be intimate and romantic. So going very fast like a supersonic train will just destroy the purpose.

Written By Damilola Faustino
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