According to a series of screenshots of text messages obtained by TMZ, which the victim allegedly sent to his girlfriend, he says that the disgraced movie star groped him 8 times.

According to TMZ, the texts are from screenshots taken by the accuser and provided to investigators.

The alleged victim texted his girlfriend saying Spacey, “grabbed my dick like 8 times”“pulled my zipper down”, and “reached down my pants.” The man ends the convo by writing, “Kevin Spacey is gay.”

However, Kevin Spacey’s lawyers are disputing this latest evidence insisting that the text messages don’t tell the full story. Another challenge this latest evidence is facing is the fact that not all the text messages were time stamped.

It would be recalled that a few weeks ago, when Kevin Spacey made a surprise appearance in court, his legal team were angry at the prosecution team for holding on to to the alleged victim’s phone because according to them, the details in the phone would play a significant role in showing Kevin Spacey’s innocence.

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